One of the easiest and most effective methods of strengthening muscles following injury or surgery is a simple length of latex band.

Supplied in different grades, from very light to super heavy, this product is widely used by practitioners in the rehabilitation of ankle, knee and upper limb injuries.  The list of exercises is almost endless and the band can easily fold and fit into a pocket or bag, making it easy to take anywhere.

The popularity of exercise programmes such as Pilates has also seen this band employed to add varying resistances to a workout, making it an economical alternative to some highly expensive specialised equipment.

When integrated with items such as a gym ball to aid balance training and core stability work, it adds a resistive dimension, enabling the user to tailor the exercise to suit their sporting activity.

The range is ever increasing and includes, hand strengthening equipment, resistance tubing and sports specific training packs.

The items shown are just a selection. Click on any of the links to view the complete range with bulk packs available.

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