Many people suffer from foot, lower limb and back pain due to incorrect placement of the foot during walking or running.

Shock absorbing heel pads provide extra cushioning, shock absorption and lift to the heel region.

Footmedics Silicone Gel Heel Cups are placed on top of the existing insole.

The gel material naturally grips in place without any adhesive.

The cup shaped gel cushion helps to improve the stability of the heel within footwear.

This helps to correct biomechanical mal-alignment. In addition, the extra soft blue dot can help to provide instant relief for heel pain.

Tulis Pro Heel Cups are an ultra soft, high quality heel cup – providing the ultimate in shock absorption and also stabilise the heel.

Ideal for high impact sports such as 5-a-side football, running, volleyball, basketball, tennis and squash, especially for those with heel pain.

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