The wobble or balance board is one of the most commonly used and versatile pieces of equipment for lower limb strength and balance training.  It is an invaluable and inexpensive tool in the rehabilitation of ankle, knee and hip injuries.

They are made from a circular disc of wood with a hemisphere placed centrally underneath, allowing the most comprehensive range of motion. Some manufacturers have developed an adjustable central mechanism to allow different degrees of tilt or have placed the board on an air cushion.

Various adaptations are available in the form of rocker boards, balance air  cushions.

Convenient and effective training or retraining of the body’s sense of balance (proprioception), which can become quickly and severely impaired, even after minor injury.

A good sense of balance controls the position of the pelvis which will improve lower abdominal, hip and core pelvic muscle strength and control. This is often referred to as core stability.


Quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles

Knee and ankle ligaments and muscles

Core stabilising muscles of the lower abdomen and pelvis.


After injury or post operation

To train balance skills as part of a core stability programme.

To improve mechanical back pain due to posture imbalances and muscle weakness.

To improve sports specific balance skills such as those in skiing, dancing, rugby, football etc.

This balancing board is a flat wooden disc mounted on an inverted hemisphere.

Many people who have experienced ankle injuries will still require an ankle support in order to avoid repeat injury.

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