An excellent range of Kinesio Tape, Steroplast’s premium sports tape and white zinc oxide tape.

Ideal for most strapping purposes, also available is the twin patella taping pack, fixation tape, foam underwrap and silk tape.

Surgical tape (also known as medical tape) is a form of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used in medicine and first aid as a bandage to hold a dressing onto a wound  It will generally have a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, and be breathable to allow air to reach the skin.

Breathable tapes like elastic bandages with adhesive are usually made of cotton.  They allow support whilst enabling normal muscle function without too much restriction.  This type of tape is commonly used by Rugby Union players to tape around the thigh for a safer lineout lift.

Surgical tape is often white because it contains zinc oxide, which is added to help prevent infections. It is also commonly used as a grip in sports such as tennis, hockey, and football because of its rough texture and the fact that it leaves very little residue when removed or replaced.

Kinesio tape is a specially developed taping system to ease pain and aid rehabilitation.

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