Hydrotherapy has been well documented for the treatment of joint and muscular problems since ancient Greek and Roman times and is used today to help a variety of conditions from arthritis to stroke and paralysis.

Many sportsmen and women are aware of the benefits of hydrotherapy, whether used for rehabilitation following injury or surgery or to enhance their fitness and training.

Water offers support to joints and muscles, thus reducing impact and strain.

Water also offers a degree of resistance allowing for strengthening of injured muscles.  This resistance however, is limited and in order to increase resistance, specially designed weighted belts and equipment are used.


The aquabelt is a water floatation belt used in a swimming pool to reduce the stress of weight bearing on an injury during exercise. The aquabelt is suitable for a body weight of up

Elite Hydrotherapy Pack

Elite Hydrotherapy Pack

to 16 stones.

The floatation belt is ideal for use following injuries such as fractures, stress fractures, knee ligament injuries and sprained or swollen ankle as well as following knee or ankle surgery once the wounds are sufficiently healed. The main benefits of exercising in the water with the aquabelt include increased joint mobility and flexibility.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

The ankle and wrist weights each weigh 2.5 pounds and have a soft, terrycloth fabric on the interior to ensure of a comfortable fit. The weights fit comfortably around your ankles or wrists and are ideal for strength training as well as helping to tone the upper and lower body. The ankle and wrist weights also have an adjustable grip strip closure.

Water Noodles

The water noodles are made from lightweight foam and are ideal for using as floating and buoyancy devices. The water noodles are also ideal for rehab and therapy exercises. They measure 149cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm

Elite Aqua Rehab Pack

The Physio Room Aqua Rehab Pack contains everything you require for rehab and general exercises in the swimming pool. The Aqua Rehab Pack includes an aquabelt, ankle and wrist weights and three water noodles.

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