The Neen Aquaflex

Neen Aquaflex from Physio Room

Neen Aquaflex from Physio Room

Aquaflex is a scientifically proven Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise System comprised of two cones and several weights. It’s been made to help to improve your pelvic floor muscle tone. Should you accidentally leak urine whenever you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise, you may be struggling with stress incontinence and this may well be triggered by weak pelvic floor muscles. By exercising and strengthening your pelvic floor you are able to restore control!

How does the Neen Aquaflex work?

You should exercise your pelvic floor muscles properly. The Aquaflex Cone is inserted exactly the same way a tampon would be and triggers the pelvic floor muscles to instantly contract around it.

It is primarily this reflex that tones the muscles. As the pelvic floor becomes more powerful you’ll have the ability to increase the weights and the time you’ll be able to keep your cone in position, for up to twenty minutes each day.

It’s easy!

Applying this easy and simple to use device for just twelve weeks could mean the hassle of embarrassing leaks disappear forever!

The Neen Educator®

The Educator® is a straightforward, lightweight, and simple to use pelvic floor exerciser that can help you understand and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Neen Pelvic Educator from Physio Room

Neen Pelvic Educator from Physio Room

One of the most common problems women experience when first trying pelvic floor exercises is understanding whether they’re doing them properly.

A lot of women think they’re doing these exercises properly when in fact they might not be. For pelvic floor exercises to help minimise symptoms of bladder control problems it is essential these workouts are carried out properly.

So how exactly does the Educator® work?

The Educator®’s unique design follows the movement from the internal wall of the vagina, permitting you to view the way your pelvic floor muscles are now being contracted.

Once you contract your pelvic floor muscles and the indicator moves downward, you can be certain you’re carrying out the exercises properly. It’s as easy as that! Even if you are already able to do pelvic floor exercises, the Educator® can assess your technique and monitor your improvement!

Both of these devices are available direct from Physio

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