Improve your posture and alignment while working at your desk.

The Movin’ Sit & Movin’ Sit Jr. by Gymnic, are inflatable dynamic air cushions which activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages a seated posture with a forward pelvic position and the movement makes the user feel off balance if not sitting correctly.

It can also be used upright in any chair as a back support or on the floor.

The child size version, the Movin’ Sit Jr. is 26 X 26 and fits perfectly in primary school desks and other chairs. The larger size is 36 x 36 cm.

Easily adjust inflation to comfort level.

The classic Gym ball in 7 sizes for all  applications in therapy, sports and gymnastics. Also  recommended as a sitting ball.

Disco o Sit, The alternative to the sitting ball!
If for any reason you cannot use the sitting ball, you can still seat in an active way by equipping out your chair with an inflatable cushion. It can also be used to promote active sitting and better posture or on the floor as an alternative to balance boards.

The inflatable Disc O Sit comes in two sizes –  32cm child and 39 cm Adult.

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