Cohesive bandage or tape  is very similar to elastic adhesive bandage but is generally much lighter in structure and has the unique ability to stick to itself but not to the skin.

Sterolpast Cohesive bandage from Physio Supplies

Sterolpast Cohesive Bandage

Used to provide extra support to zinc oxide taping techniques, it can also provide support without restriction to injured muscles.

Generally available in widths from 2cm to 7cm, this versatile tape can provide a number of functions;

  • Offers support to sports strapping and taping techniques.
  • Great for areas where repeated use is required to avoid injury to the skin.
  • Ideal for use on areas where adhesive would cause tugging and tearing of the skin, such as the foot.
  • Retention of dressings.

Cohesive bandage is widely used in the veterinary industry to retain dressings, splint small animals’ limbs and cover areas to avoid the pet licking.  It’s unique properties means the animals’ fur does not stick to the bandage.

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