New 2009 Northwave Biomap Bike Performance Arch Supports (footbeds) offer ultimate comfort and improved performance which allow the cyclist to keep the right position when pedalling.

Top Features of the Northwave Cycling Shoe Footbeds (Insoles)

* Blue Mid Footbed – Regular feet

Northwave Cycling insoles

Northwave Cycling insoles from Wiggle online

* Green High Footbed – High arch feet
* Red Low Footbed – Flat feet

Biomechanical foot research on professional and amateur athletes has proven that every foot plant is different (regular, high and flat). Often the shoe’s fit and size won’t match the plant perfectly, resulting in numbness or pain, affecting overall performance.

Foot pain in cyclists is often a result of nerve and artery compression caused by the foot flattening while pedalling.

The Northwave Biomap Bike Performance Footbeds reduce pressure on the nerves and arteries by supporting the longitudinal, and metatarsal arch of the foot. Equally distributing pressure across the entire sole and correctly positioning the foot makes it easier for blood to return to the lungs and heart.

Helping oxygen flow through the blood stream reduces fatigue and keeps lactic acid from being produced. Superior arch support combined with improved comfort, results in better blood circulation, optimizing athletic performance. It also ensures power is transferred onto the pedal without loss of energy.

In order to choose the most suitable Northwave Biomap Bike Performance Arch Support, Northwave has created the biomap Memory Foam test. The test is available in sport good stores and bike shops or you could consult a gait analysis expert who can carry out this simple test for you. It maps the sole of the foot to determine which model (Blue, Green and Red), is the best suited.

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