A new website has been launched to help sufferers of the painful foot condition, Plantar Fasciitis.

Called policemans-foot.com the website explains in both technical and jargon free text and images the medical complaint that affects thousands of people around the world.

The unusual website name came about because historically plantar faciitis was seen in people who were on their feet for many hours, such as policemen.

Policeman's Foot graphic

Policeman's Foot graphic

Maureen Flett, the owner of TheSportsphysio.com, who has put the site together said that “She gets many people through her clinic in Carlisle who have stabbing unbearable foot pain and she just wanted a way to help them understand what was possibly going on. A website helps many people do this and comment upon their experiences of both treatments and the condition”.

Plantar faciitis is a very painful condition affecting the tendons in the sole of the foot.

It has many causes, some which are easily treated by using orthotics or changing footwear and others which require more intensive treatment and long term care.

” I would always recommend anyone in pain to seek professional medical attention ” added Maureen, ” However, understanding a condition often helps remove the stress a patient quite rightly feels”.

Plantar fasciitis has many other names such as “Dog’s Heel”, “Policeman’s Foot” or “Flip Flop disease.

Maureen hopes that over the next few years the website will grow to be the source on the web for articles and information on the medical condition and is asking for professionals and sufferers to get in touch.

TheSportsmedic.com is owned by TheSportsphysio.com

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