Superfeet’s firm, contoured shape provides the comfort that soft insoles cannot achieve.

Insoles are like mattresses. A good mattress is made of firm, supportive materials. A bad mattress is soft and unsupportive. Same thing with insoles.

When you stand on a Superfeet Premium Insole, you can feel the firmly supportive shape and materials. It’s not soft and mushy like other brands…because although soft non-supportive insoles feel good when you first put them in your shoes, in the long run your foot problems don’t disappear.

Support the foot, align the Body.

Wearing soft insoles is like running in the soft, dry sand at the beach. Initially it feels good, but you quickly grow tired, waste energy, and begin to feel the stress on your knees and back.

Wearing Superfeet Premium insoles is like running on firmer, wet sand. It’s still comfortable, but your feet feel more balanced and stable, and it’s certainly more productive and enjoyable from a performance point of view.
Every Shoe, everyday.

Everybody’s feet are different, and they wear different types of shoes. That means it is unreasonable to think one model of insole will meet everyone’s needs.

That’s why Superfeet makes different products to fit different foot shapes in different types of footwear. No matter what type of activity or sport you engage in, Superfeet has a product for you – at a price you can afford.

Superfeet insoles can easily be cut to fit, full or 3/4 length, depending on the type of footwear you are using, making them one of the most versatile insoles on the market.

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