Since the publication of Swiss Ball for Strength Tone and Posture, this manual has become an international success.

The swiss ball exercise book is ideal for beginner and advanced.

Written by Maureen Flet of The Sport & Performing Arts Injury Clinic, it has now been published in many languages around the world.

Gym Ball

Core stability is the training of the core muscles of the body, which are responsible for posture, spinal support and balance.

Muscles in this group include, lower abdominals, buttocks, upper leg and spine.

Swiss balls, were a physiotherapy tool first used in Switzerland.

Invented by Mr Aquilino Cosani, a plastics manufacturer in Italy in 1963.

Gym balls are now found in many locations around the world.

Core training
The core muscles without training, become weaker, resulting in poor posture and are a forgotten part of many exercise programes.

Incorporating many of the examples illustrated in this book will help to tone and strengthen this muscle group.

Swiss Ball for Strength Tone and Posture features exercises suitable for the absolute beginner, seniors and mums to be.

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Each exercise is pictured and includes a well written explaination
Kelly Rossiter, Canada – Amazon customer feedback

The upper body chapter contained a particularly nice variety of exercises.
Doctor beth, New York, USA. – Amazon customer feedback

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