Zinc oxide tape is a rigid cotton tape with an adhesive backing, generally white or flesh coloured. It comes in a variety of widths from 1cm to 7.5cm.

Rigid tape of this type is usually used to provide support and limit range of motion.  Often used when ligament damage has caused a weakened structure.

Best results are obtained from applying tape directly to the skin using special techniques.

The application of zinc oxide tape is also used for “proprioceptive taping” to help retrain tendons and muscles following injury.

Sterotape White Adhesive Zinc Oxide

Sterotape White Zinc Oxide rigid tape(Bi-Directional Tearability) Tears easily by hand across and down the length, Conforms easily to the skin, No scissors required, Zinc Oxide ‘skin friendly’ adhesive.

Available in 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 4cm, 5cm and 7.5cm widths to suit any sports or proprioceptive taping technique.

Bulk quantity also available.

Premium sports tape

Steroplast premium sports tapeSteroplast’s Brand New Premium Sports Tape with Serrated Edge 3.8cm x 13.7m is now regarded as one of the best premium sports tape on the market.
This flesh coloured tape has great tensile strength making it suitable for taping techniques which are likely to be put under strain, such as those used in ankle or knee stabilisation.

Available in 2 or 30 roll packs.

Patella Taping Pack

Steroplast patella taping packSteroplast’s Combination Twin Patella Pack with Premium Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape.

A convenient pack of flesh coloured premium sports zinc oxide tape with a light protective under tape.

Whilst originally designed as a standard taping pack for knee taping techniques, this pack is also suitable for shoulder and upper limb taping procedures.

Leukotape P

Leukotape P combi packThe LEUKOTAPE® P Combi Pack comprises of a roll of LEUKOTAPE P along with a roll of FIXOMULL® Stretch for use as a protective underwear.

Also available in the ever popular Leukotape P solo rolls.

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