The 66Fit 40cm top quality wooden wobble board or balance board is ideal for home of clinic use.

66Fit 40cm Wooden wobble boardWith an easily cleanable PVC surface would be excellent in any physiotherapy department or anyone who requires regular use of the balance board.

What Wobble Board do I require?

There are various types of Wobble Boards – and they are available in different sizes with different levels of difficulties. Please view the information below so you can decide what type of board your require.

36cm Plastic Wobble Board – Recommended for early/intermediate stages of rehabilitation (and children)
40cm Wooden Wobble Board – Recommended for intermediate to advance users
45cm Wooden Wobble/Rocker Board Combination – Ideal for ALL levels of user
50cm PVC & Cork Wooden Wobble Board – Recommended for beginner to intermediate users

Recommended up to a maximum user weight of 25 stone, the wobble board will retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sport. Failure to retrain balance after ankle sprains can lead to chronic weakness and recurrent sprains.

This Balance Board has a 16 degree tilt and is recommended for intermediate to advanced user. Ideal for advanced rehabilitation and sports people and is built to last. Ideally suited for physio departments, sports/rehabilitation centres and home use.


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