The TPN 200 Plus TENS machine is long-established as the NHS’s most recommended TENS unit, offering a unique, non-invasive, alternative method of pain relief.

TPN 200 Plus dual channel TENS machineThis battery powered TENS unit uses electrodes placed onto the skin to deliver electrical impulses to the nerve fibres underneath the skin’s surface. Pain relief is provided by blocking pain signals to the brain and stimulating the production of endorphins – the body’s own pain killers.

The device has two independent, controllable output channels. The intensity, duration, number per second and modulation can be easily altered.

This TENS Machine can be used on a wide range of conditions including:

CHRONIC PAIN – Cervical (Neck), Amputation, Phantom Limb, Headache, Lower Back, Leg Pain, Sciatica and Arthritis.
ACUTE PAIN – Post-Operative, Muscle and Joint, Tendonitis, Fractures and Tennis Elbow

Features & Benefits

Three easy to select settings available: Constant, Modulation and Burst
Simple to use, even for a first time user
Variable pulse rate 2Hz – 150Hz
Variable pulse width 30us- 260us


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