The Vulkan Aerotherm stablising knee brace is designed to provide an optimum amount of heat, support and compression.

Vulkan Aerotherm and other knee braces

Vulkan Aerotherm and other knee braces

Featuring quality neoprene with uniform cell wall construction and even compression grade material, the products offer the best possible combination of materials.  This is invaluable in helping prevent soft tissue injuries or helping them repair if already injured.

Vulkan neoprene braces feature a unique spiral lining which is critical in removing excess sweat to create a near normal environment around the injury.

This aids recovery by giving a micro massage to the injured joint, constantly activating the skin’s receptors to enhance the feeling of support.

Knee Brace Specifications:
The Vulkan Stabilising Knee support helps provide stability around the knee. The compression strap provides added support and stability. It also features spiral stays for greater support.

Recommended for those who experience a feeling of mild instability around the knee but who wish to participate in sports activities like skiing or snowboarding, or those who have a particulary stressful occupation involving lifting/kneeling. Compression straps provide added support and stability.

Sizing the Vulkan knee support

To ensure correct size, please take the measurement around the circumference of the knee.

V-3072-S: Small 30-35cm
V-3072-M: Medium 35 – 40cm
V-3072-L: Large 40 – 45cm
V-3072-XL: Extra Large 45 – 50cm

Price Includes FREE UK Mainland Delivery: £42.99 (Including VAT at 17.5%)

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