Trigger point therapy from 66fit

Trigger point therapy from 66fit

Trigger point therapy has long been used by musculoskeletal practitioners to treat pain, increase range of motion and improve flexibility.  Now there are special tools which can help you treat your minor aches and pains at home.

Using massage aids can help you to intensify massage on targeted muscles.

The 66fit range of trigger point massage products can be used to massage yourself or to perform a massage on someone else.

Regular massage can help you to be more flexible in everyday life and can improve fitness and minimise the risk of injury.

66fit Trigger Point Massage Roller Kit

This is a complete, multi-textured lightweight therapy kit that is perfect for your gym bag or suitcase.

You can pinpoint trigger points with the pyramids surface, then gently roll it out using the finger tipped surface.

The mini roller is great for targeting feet, forearms and shoulders, while the soft and firm trigger point acupressure balls are ideal for calf muscles, lower and upper back, shoulders and neck.

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