Cycling is by far one of the best forms of exercise and the new 66 Fit Folding Pedal Cycle allows you to do this in the comfort of your own home.

Ardent cyclists will often use a turbo trainer indoors to allow them to keep up their exercises on their cycle.  However, for those who don’t own a bicycle for whatever reason or simply have no space for a turbo trainer or their cycle in the house, then this little pedal cycle is just ideal.

The 66 Fit Folding Pedal Cycle takes up very little space and allows you to get all the benefits of cycling in your living room.

66 Fit Folding Arm and Pedal Cycle

66 Fit Folding Arm and Pedal Cycle

Benefits of cycling

  • Cycling is a gentle and steady form of aerobic exercise.
  • Non weight bearing, so less damage to the joints of the lower limbs than running.
  • NHS Choices suggest that someone who weighs 80kg (12st 9lb) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour’s riding.
  • Suitable for any age group

Of course nothing compares to cycling in the great outdoors but there are many instances where this piece of equipment can come into it’s own.

The 66fit Folding Arm and Leg Pedal Exerciser is ideal for rehabilitation and general exercise and because it is so small it can go on a tale top and be used for exercising the arms also.

This lightweight steel frame with a chrome finish portable pedal exerciser is ideal for use around the home or in the office.

Using a pedal exerciser is an ideal way to help keep active, even following an injury or surgery, helping to restore muscle strength, co-ordination and improves circulation to the lower and upper body.

The resistance from the pedals can be adjusted to increase or decrease the effort required, folds for storage and pedals come complete with toe-straps.

Ideal for use around the home, in the office, etc.
The resistance from the pedals can be adjusted to increase or decrease the effort required.
Easy to assemble and folds for storage.
Pedals come complete with toe-straps
Helps improve circulation
Non-slip rubber floor grips
Durable/Heavy Duty

66 Fit Folding Pedal Exerciser


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