Yoga and Pilates equipment from Vivomed

Yoga and Pilates equipment from Vivomed

A fantastic variety of products to help with your core, Yoga and Pilates training.

The benefits of core stability training, Yoga and Pilates are many;

  • Helping to reduce spinal compression and back pain
  • Increasing flexibility and muscle tone
  • Improving breathing
  • Improving posture

Most products in this category are aimed at attaining and maintaining the correct position to make the exercises effective.

Swiss balls make a great tool for reducing the impact of floor work and offer an unstable surface to make the muscles and nerve signals work harder and faster.

Yoga and Pilates mats ensure you are protected from the hard floor.

Foam rollers and Yoga blocks help to provide extra instability or can be used as positioning aids.

Abdominal wheels are a handy tool for training the abs.

The Sportsphysio recommends:

66fit – From Pilates rings to Yoga blocks, our quality range also includes balls, mats and bricks. Ideal for professional, class and home use

Vivomed – Pilates exercise balls and rings, Yoga blocks and exercise mats.  Quality anti burst swiss balls from Gymnic.

Sweatband – Everything a yoga/Pilates enthusiast might need by Reebok, Adidas, DKN, Yoga Mad, Gaiam, GOFit and more! Every product at comes with free UK delivery.


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