First aid and medical supplies from Vivomed

First aid and medical supplies from Vivomed

An extensive range of first aid supplies, first aid kits, first aid kit contents, defibrillators and resuscitation equipment at the very best prices.

A well stocked first aid kit is a must for every sports team, home, vehicle, school, college workplace, public place and when travelling overseas.

A first aid kit contains a collection of equipment and supplies for use in administering first aid. Vivomed have a wide range of first aid kits for sale online.

As a sports medicine supply company Vivomed specialise in sports first aid, manufacturing their own good value brand of sports first aid kits and medical bags.

These include: Vivomed Junior Medical Bag; Vivomed Bum Bag; Vivomed Deluxe Medical Bag; Vivomed Run-On Medical Bag; Vivomed Medical Run-On Bag (empty); Vivomed Trauma Care Kit Bag; and Vivomed Paramedic Box.

The product range caters for the full spectrum of sports, ranging from junior kits to professional level sports first aid kits and medical bags. Their sports first aid kits and medical bags are available to purchase fully equipped off the shelf, they can be tailor made to meet the exact requirements of a particular sport or team, or purchased empty to allow team medics to stock their own as required.

They also stock first aid kits to cover a wide range of other uses, events and activities.

These include: personal first aid kits, household first aid kits, family first aid kits, children’s first aid kits, workplace first aid kits, outdoor first aid kits, overseas first aid kits, travel first aid kits, catering first aid kits, HSE first aid kits, BS 8599-1 compliant first aid kits, first aid cabinets and accident books.

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Vivomed – Extensive range of first aid and medical emergency supplies

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