Heel pads and cushions from Vivomed

Heel pads and cushions from Vivomed

A range of gel, silicone and EVA heel cushions is available to relieve heel pain in sports and daily footwear.

Heel pain often becomes a problem when wearing certain types of sports shoes such as rugby and football boots.  The hard footbed combined with pressure from spikes can place undue pressure on the fat pad of the heel.

This complaint becomes more common when the ground is harder, in the summer or frozen pitches in winter.  However, artificial surfaces like Astroturf may also be a factor.

Heel pads can often be advised by practitioners whilst undergoing treatment for Achilles problems or after injury to help reduce strain on the achilles tendon.  The Tuli’s Pro Heel Cup is a popular professional choice for this purpose.

Some heel pads have a dual density, shock absorbing and giving flexibility where needed.

When people suffer from heel spurs, special heel pads with cut outs relieve pressure on the painful area.

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