Vivomed range of resistance bands and loops

Vivomed range of resistance bands and loops

A wide range of resistive therapy bands, loops and tubing for exercise or rehabilitation, including Theraband, Hammer head and Therapy in Motion.

Pack sizes are available to suit home or professional clinic use.

Resistance bands and tubing were commonly used by therapists to enhance patient rehabilitation, but when used with pilates, yoga or swiss ball exercises, they can transform your core exercise routine into a strengthening one.

Simple to use and incredibly versatile, they can be used around the home to achieve exercises offered by a whole host of gym equipment.

Resistance bands and tubes also have the advantage of being able to be used in functional, sports specific patterns.

Hand strengthening balls, putty and grip devices are used to train or retrain hand and finger strength, improving dexterity and re-educating fine motor skills.

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