Balance and core stability equipment from Vivomed

A wide range of wobble boards and equipment for balance training and rehabilitation includes the Gymnic Fit Ball, Bosu, Airex, 66fit and Therapy in Motion balance pads as well as the specialist Disc’o’sit, movin’sit and inflatable seat wedge.

Wobble boards and cushions are frequently used by Sports Therapists, physiotherapists,  and exercise professionals in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries such as sprained ankle and following knee and ankle surgery.

A wobble cushion is filled with air to provide a challenging surface to balance on whilst the balance pads are generally made from foam.

The main use for wobble cushions and pads is to improve proprioception, whilst the boards are used for strength and flexibility training.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to know where a joint is positioned without having to look at it. The joint positional sense of proprioception is important for ankle and knee injury prevention because it improves the ability of the neuromuscular system to make fine alterations to movements during sports that can prevent a twisted ankle or twisted knee.

Physiotherapy exercises nearly always incorporate proprioception exercises, especially during sprained ankle or knee ligament injury rehabilitation.

Wobble cushions allow balance and proprioception improvement because they force the user to make continual adjustments in order to keep the wobble cushion balanced.

Gym balls (swiss ball)

Top quality burst resistant Swiss balls from Ledraplastic in Italy are great for Pilates exercises, yoga & strength and conditioning training.

They are also widely used to help relive pain during pregnancy.

Don’t forget to by a pump if you don’t have one as these are sold separately – why not try the Gymnic Faster Blaster Pump

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