The Sportsphysio group

The following businesses are all divisions of The Sportsphysio.com group The Sportsmedic.com - Equipment, sports and therapy supplies to professionals and public. Sport & Performing Arts … [Read More...]

Vulkan Aerotherm Stabilisation knee brace

Knee Brace for Skiing

The Vulkan Aerotherm stablising knee brace is designed to provide an optimum amount of heat, support and compression. Featuring quality neoprene with uniform cell wall construction and even … [Read More...]

Kinesiology tape from Vivomed

Kinesio Tape

Physiological Effects of Kinesio Tex Taping: Relieves pain Supports muscles in movement Removes lymphatic fluid congestion Corrects joint mis-alignment Assists in positioning a muscle or joint … [Read More...]

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Foam Rollers

The 66FIT- ELITE BLUE FOAM ROLLER is a bestseller for use in physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation. … [Read More...]